Our facilities

Growing rooms

Currently Delta Danube owns 40 growing rooms each with 380 square meters of growing area.
All the rooms have their own dedicated climate control units to ensure the optimum growing conditions. To grow our mushrooms, we ensure that we get the best quality compost from our supplier. The compost company is located only 12 kilometers from our production site. We have climatically controlled growing rooms. Our team of growing experts ensure that all the smallest details are taken care of while mushrooms are growing. To preserve the freshness and quality of our mushrooms, we do the hand picking.





IQF facility

Delta Danube uses state of the art IQF tunnel that can handle one tons of mushrooms per hour. To ensure the highest quality of finished frozen product, mushrooms harvested on a particular day are processed on the same day. Since our mushroom farm and processing factory both are located next to each other, we can always assure our buyers the best quality product. From picking to pre-cooling before freezing, the entire process is finished in 30 minutes. We hold mushrooms in pre-cooling temperature of 2-3 C for about 5 hours to minimize the energy expenses on freezing.

All the frozen product passes through metal checks through state of the art metal detector.

The frozen product is packed as 10 kilo bulk packs most of the time. However, on customers’ request we can do packing in small sized retail bags ranging from 400 grams to 2000 grams.

Quality Assurance

The entire production process in the freezing facility of Delta Danube is carefully controlled and monitored by a team of dedicated and trained staff.. All the production steps are documented as per HACCP plan to ensure food safety and hygiene. Delta Danube’s mushroom freezing facility is International Featured standards (IFS) certified.