About us

Few words about our factory

Delta Danube d.o.o. Kovin is a new mushroom production and processing facility. The company’s facility is located in Kovin, Republic of Serbia, on the banks of mighty river Danube. The company offers full spectrum of fresh and frozen mushrooms to its valued customers.

Delta Danube promoted by the promoters of PT Ekar Timur Raya (ETIRA) from Indonesia. ETIRA is the biggest producer and processor of button mushrooms in Indonesia with a daily production of 40 tons of fresh mushrooms. ETIRA’s frozen and canned mushrooms are sold worldwide. Delta Danube rely on long term experience from Indonesia, where promoters of ETIRA has two mushrooms production facilities one Java island one each in East and Central part of the Java island. (http://www.etiramushrooms.com).

Our mission and future goals

We bring our mushroom experience from Indonesia to Serbia. Our objective is to ensure customers’ satisfaction and be one stop point for all their needs of fresh and frozen mushrooms. Apart from fresh mushrooms, we can supply frozen mushrooms as slices, whole, quarters and half cuts.

Besides our regular brands, we can also do private labels for our esteemed customers.

Our strategy in brief

Slow and steady wins the race, as a company we want to grow slowly but definitely. Therefore, we started with a small production facility of 5-6 tons of mushroom production per day. We would definitely do further expansion and our target is to have a production of 22-24 tons of mushrooms per day over next 4-5 years.

Over the last 15 years, back in Indonesia our mushrooms business has grown steadily. From a daily production of 5 tons per day back in 2001 we now produce up to 40 tons per day at two locations.  We expect that our Serbian operation would also grow likewise.  Mushrooms are our life and the combination of cost price, innovation, quality and customer service would ensure that we become the  leading mushroom supplier in Balkan area.