• Growing mushrooms that satisfy needs of our beloved consumers

  • Realizing the potential of the mushroom growing sector

  • You can be confident in the quality and taste of our mushrooms

We ensure that we get the proper materials needed to grow mushrooms from our suppliers.

Technologies and partnering

We buy our compost from the best compost producers in Serbia meeting all our quality specifications for ideal production of mushrooms.
To preserve the freshness and quality of our mushrooms, our workers do the hand picking every time.

Caring for our mushrooms

Our highly trained staff take care of of all the aspects of growing from putting in the compost until end of flushes and removing the compost to ensure the optimum productivity.
The frozen product is packed as 10 kilo bulk packs most of the time but we also adapt on customers’ request.

Freezing mushrooms

We use state of the art IQF machine with 1000 kilo per hour capacity to produce our frozen mushrooms.
  • 01.Safe & Effective production

    We follow all the aspects of good agricultural practice to produce our mushrooms that are safe for consumption as fresh or processed product.
  • 02.Packaging and delivery

    We can deliver our frozen product anywhere in the world in the packages specified by our buyers. We have our own brand but can do private labels also.
  • 03.Premium Quality Control

    All our mushrooms are hand picked and great care is taken that only right quality of mushrooms are delivered to fresh market and to our processing facility. We have IFS certified mushroom freezing facility.

Using innovative equipment
to reduce time and energy
in mushroom farming:

Delta danube uses state of the art IQF tunnel that can handle one tons of mushrooms per hour. To ensure the highest quality of finished frozen product, mushrooms harvested on a particular day are processed on the same day. Since our mushroom farm and processing factory both are located next to each other, we can always assure our buyers the best quality product. From picking to pre-cooling before freezing, the entire process is finished in 30 minutes. We hold mushrooms in pre-cooling temperature of 2-3 c for about 5 hours to minimize the energy expenses on freezing.